Friday, January 16, 2009

emergency preparation kits

or are you really crazy if you have one or do you make one because you hope to never need it for the reasons given? Just a thread in a group I belong to. We have several kinds of emergency kits made up. One medical, one grab and go bug out kind of pack for each of us, and a in home ride the storm out emergency box put together. There is one that is for throwing into the car in case of evacuation that has enough stuff to camp for two weeks in comfort. I have friends that think I am a paranoid and others that wish they had it put all together. With my health being iffy at some points in time, I am happy with the structure it gives me. I don't need to rush about to find that flashlight and candles. If a neighbor was hurt by the lawn mower I could do a compression bandage if I needed to... but who cuts grass in an emergency. I have my red cross certifications in first aid as does my husband, and I know that this is starting to read like a list of crazy as I am. I have survived hurricanes (it was a himacane that got me), and blizzards, and hope to never have to deal with tornado or mad max scenario's. I hope that I never need them, I rotate out what needs to be changed every six months. If I had a pick em up truck and fifth wheel I think I would just keep it located there. Still I know that if the government were not there to help me for a few days I would be alright. Paranoid... you bet ya. Really really a child of the 50's with family that went through a few wars and a depression that would rock ya. Do I have a drop spindle and some roving in it... yeppers... and some yarn and fabric and needles. Even a couple of small toys and some cards and domino's. Life goes on... going on with some kind of stress relief is a good thing. I don't plan to need any of it.. but should I it is there. Might want to make sure you have some too. Cause you won't need it but shouldn't have to worry. Not worrying is a very good thing.

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