Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Every Tuesday... right...

I am just not trying hard enough to hold myself to a schedule I think. The MS seems to think that I don't really need one. LOL
With the many people I know in town who are a bit freaked from the continuous "sorry folks ... we ruined your budget" news. (up to and including stationing the military around the country to control riots if there is a collapse) I have to say... why does anyone listen to the fear porn that is going on around the air waves anyway? Why not just be ready to take care of you and yours for a short period of time as has always been The American Way ?
Having a stocked pantry isn't hard, you just have to buy that extra something when it is on sale and put it on the shelf. You use what you store, you store what you use, and you never have to panic when company drops in at dinner on how to expand it to feed them.
You don't have to go to the extent of having a years supply on hand, although I think it is wise. I would suggest a good radio with weather and emergency bands. You should have some food and water to get you and yours through a week or two in case of real emergencies... remember Haiti?
Katrina ring a bell for anyone?
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