Monday, December 20, 2010

Growing stuff

My tomato clones (cut from my mother plant before the cold hit) are doing well, and four of them are now in flower! I know that most of the world thinks I am crazy as a barking moon bat, but that just made my day somehow.
I think I get far more satisfaction out of having tomato flowers at the Winter Solstice than most would. So lets just take a look at that for a moment.
Dr. Oz did a show on GMO foods (Dec.3rd?) and made a statement that 80% of the food Americans eat is GMO. That you average American adult has about (or over) a pound of dissolved polymers in their bodies. (that is a pound of plastic folks... how you gonna work that off)
Growing my own veggies from heirloom seeds seems to be a bit of a health bet that I can make for myself and my family.
Yes, my tomatoes are in flower.