Friday, August 13, 2010

Self disapline...

what self disapline... yep I am posting more than once every few months... I am hoping to get to where I am going to be more disaplined about it but with the move into a different house and getting a business started up I am slacking!!!

I am happy in my new old house. I am trying to figure out how to get the pictures off my phone and onto the computer. Boy do I have the tech challange.

I have my fall garden planned and some of it planted. I have tomato, crookneck squash, and eggplant coming on. This is going to be a happy place with roots.

I am working hard right now and that is different to me. I am trying to keep something going on a regular basis so I am not falling behind with the baby business. (

I am going to be writing more on sheltering in place and how to plan in case things go badly, and even if they don't. I know that looks odd but I am going to pull a page from my Grandmother's book and plan for a rainy day.

Have a pantry... G'ma did... and in the winter when things were not growing or the snow went deep she was set. Canning is a great therapy in nurturing yourself, your family, and still have something put aside.

Make a victory garden... and include some cold weather root crops. Carrots, turnip, beets, and such can be mulched heavily and left in the ground over the cold winter so you don't even need to harvest till needed. Just knock the snow away, move the mulch and pull the veg from the not frozen ground. Wash, cut, and cook... maybe five minutes from the dirt to the pot! Nothing will give you the vitamin boost that eating fresh will.

Crazy things run through my head. Quilting, drying meat, fruit, and veg. Gardening is a balm to my soul. That said I think everyone should grow something that will nourish them even if it is sprouts. Gardens ground you literally. Putting down roots... that is about planning to be somewhere for awhile.

I don't know where the blog is going to go. I think it might bounce from subject to subject for awhile.

I am going to make more effort to blog five days a week... that is an easier goal to put into my calender.