Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rain is here!

The nights are cool enough now that we have trees that are putting on the colors of fall. That the maple trees have begun their color change before the last week in July was a bit strange. I am unable to post pictures right now as there is an issue of getting them off my camera. I am looking into getting a new camera because of it.
The garden is still plugging away. The chest band on the green Cable Luxe Tunic has been finished and the bottom of the sweater is under way. (but just barely as summer has me paying more attention to the yard than my knitting.) The neighbor kids are itching to go shopping for new clothes for school.
My daughter has relocated her family to accommodate work, which is not so happy for me, but great for my Mom and other family members. She has moved to the midwest and is closer to kin.
All in all though life is grand.

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lilymarlene said...

Just found your blog through your profile on Ravelry. I noticed that you mentioned on the Homesteaders message board that you are getting snow already where you live! Yikes!
We are coming to the Rockies next month (Sept 10th) for a tour through from Denver to the G Canyon. Should I bring winter clothes?