Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Seems to be my big word of the day. Rather like a caterpillar that has been inactive for so long, I can feel something happening. I do not know what form it is going to take, but I am feeling more interested in life again.
This may take many forms and this blog may travel along with my interests in many different directions now.
I have so many things that I am making right now that it seems funny to list it here.
Current favorites are my garden and playing with plastic grocery bags.
Plarn seems to be a wonderful way to recreate the grocery bags into other items that I find useful. Often new grocery bags. A bit like my caterpillar... the humble plastic bag has served it's original purpose. Feeling rejected and lost it finds it's way to a quiet corner to sulk and wait. Upon being found it is transformed from plastic bag to plastic yarn (in a manner to graphic to tell the faint of heart) and is eventually knit into something that is once again serviceable. Metamorphed into a new purse, a bag to put garden tools in, a flower pot, a flower pot hanger, the possibilities are endless!

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