Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Look the slacker with the MonSter is back!

Well at least I am trying to be back again. The garden is coming along well and I will post pictures when I find someone to take them so that they are not always so blurry. We are all on pins and needles here awaiting Angels birth. That makes for a jumpy household.
I am housebound today due to the chill and wet outside. Thankful for both today, as it is really needed moisture.
Trying to figure out what to do about those people who smoke cigarettes and leave the butts laying around the yard. It has become a real issue for me since I am spending a lot of time there now. Wouldn't be an issue if the niece and companion... and all of their friends didn't hang out here. I am finding that I am a horrible person when it comes to that conflict of interest. I love the kids, I want to see them and their children, I hate the poison smoke that they consume almost as much as the companies that they are pouring money into. I wish that they could see it my way. It is poison, it is litter, it is so bad for the economy and ecology of the planet. Addiction sucks.

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jessie said...

My nephews tend to leave cigarette butts on our walkway, which they seem to think is more polite than bringing lit cigs into the house. My husband and I have read them the riot act enough times that they now know to not smoke them here, or they bring them in, douse them in the sink and throw them away.

I don't understand why some smokers don't recognize a butt as litter.