Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ahhhh.... those big spring snow storms...

well this one promises to stay until Saturday. The seedlings for this years garden are happily growing in the starter greenhouse in the living room. We can't set stuff out safely till the late part of May due to snows and frosts. Still it is going to give me a good jump on the growing season. Some of the things that are in containers already are some radish and carrots. Some salad greens are also growing. This weekend I have plans to also put some flowers into starters so that I have more happy bee goodies. Pollenators should be kept happy. I am still looking for someone that might want to share the yarden. So far no luck. I think that I am not hanging with the right old hippies. LOL
Green Cable Lux Tunic is on the needles, the chest band is finished, and I should get my stich markers made and the rest of the sweater started this weekend also.

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