Sunday, December 21, 2008

busy busy busy...

This month has flown by and I am still not being good about posting here. I am on ravelry most of the time and run out of go juice about getting to my other blogs. (here, myspace,and tribe) I have been busy knitting and trying to get the house to run smoothly.

The pups ate my camera cord so maybe Santa will bring another.

Here is a wine bottle sock I made Thursday night as a last minute gift. The yarn is repurposed and even though it doesn't show well in this light a lovely silvery green of unknown fiber content. I was very happy at how it was recieved. I can get insecure about gifting.

I think though that I will be making more as I am going to be starting a new batch of wine in a month or two. I don't know what kind it will be yet. Okay, so I do know what kind it will be... it will be yummy picnic kind of wine. The fruit is still in question.

The snowflakes are still drying and I am wanting to mess with them so much it isn't funny. I wish I knew what they will look like finished. Maybe tomorrow I will get pics.

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