Tuesday, October 28, 2008

little dog sweaters

Are driving me crazy!!! I am trying to get a pattern worked out to put on my mini dachshunds! First one had arm holes that were way to big and the chest wasn't working out. Second the arm holes were better but it still looked like the basic sock top that I was using for inspiration. (ribbing knit tube with arm holes ribbing) Now the chest is getting better, the arm holes are smaller and even Ms. Peanut has one that fits. I have decided to leave off the sleeves because they seem to get in the way of those bitty legs. Though I am going to think about changing the needle and yarn to something finer and those will have finished sleeves and not just the arm holes that are left unfinished since I am still not happy with the pattern. These seem like they knit up in about two hours of tv time. Weather report says it will be a pretty day tomorrow so I will try to get a couple of good pics outside to post.

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