Thursday, November 15, 2007


is not just some group of bad guys from the man from uncle. Sometimes it is a place that can only lead to creation. My frustration with the obsession that so many have with the mass produced "individuality" has become almost toxic. I suppose it is the reason that I left the RenFairs.
Once upon a time...awhile ago... in a land we made up for ourselves....
artists reigned ! Our kingdom was our market place. We produced what we sold during the year and also demonstrated our skills for the general populace to become entranced with. Often teaching classes during the run of the show. Then came the dark plague upon our lands. Imported items of low overhead and mass production produced by slave labour in lands far away were allowed to be obtained and sold in the market places for low cost and low standards.
Not being able to demonstrate the making of these things, merchants petitioned the King to release them from the requirement. Thus the general populace came to find that the show was not what they recalled and eventually the magic of art and handcraft was replaced by the cheap and plentiful. Slowly the artists drifted away in their caravans to the quiet corners of the land where the magic still lives but is often overlooked by those who do not create in their own life.

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