Monday, April 23, 2007

Another Earth Day

has come and gone for most of us. Those of us that are still old tree hugging dirt junkies are going to keep it in our hearts and veggie beds.
My favorite thing to do is upcycling right now. Taking something that would have been deemed land fill and making something new of it. Many call it garden junque. Old pots become toad homes or bird houses, plastic bags become purses or tomato bags, pop bottles become spot watering systems in a zeric garden or perhaps just wonderful art in the hands of children.
Some of this probably comes from being married to my garbage man!
Part of the recycling is coming in the form of buying an old house instead of joining in with the habitat distroying new home craze. Being farm raised and finding it tract houseing as an adult scared me.
So right now my choices are a Two story Victorian built in the late 19th century, or a bungalow built in 1927 which was a real kick to find out as I thought it was built in 1935. I am pulling for the bungalow right now as I think I can afford the utilities there. Though the Victorian is drop dead gorgous.

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Eleanora said...

Romantic that I am ..I'd have vote for the Victorian ...but then, I've always wanted one of those glorious Painted Ladies, with gingerbread trim, a huge front porch, a balcony around the 2nd floor (so I can sit outside in the morning, drink my coffee *and* read the paper, although ...I'd have to have a whee of an extention chord, LOL), a turret room (preferably circular, for my lair), and a widow's walk! Dunno how I'd ever afford to buy or maintain ...doesn't matter! I just *want* it, LOL!